Daylight Robbery new video - FALLEN STAR

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As you will already know, Daylight Robbery have emerged as one of the great British hopes for heavy, melodic rock. Their new album 'Falling Back to Earth' has been awarded two 'album of the year' awards by national rock magazines in the UK and Germany, as well as a 'track of the year' award in the UK for their tragic rock-ballad 'Fallen Star'.

They have received incredible live reviews from their appearances at festivals such as Sonisphere )with Metallica and Dream Theater) and Hard Rock Hell, as well as appearing with Whitesnake and Def Leppard at the NEC Genting Arena UK and touring with Uriah Heep. Daylight Robbery have just been confirmed as appearing at the Genting NEC Arena, UK with Richie Blackmore's Rainbow in June 2016.

Can you please view, enjoy and share the bands latest video for the track 'Fallen Star' on your website / Facebook page etc. 

I have also enclosed a link so that you can download their new album for free - just paste this into your browser................... 

'THIS ALBUM IS FLAWLESS' - Fireworks Magazine
'A LAVISH AFFAIR!' - Classic Rock Magazine
'ONE OF THE ALBUMS OF THE YEAR' - Powerplay Magazine


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