The Almighty Propagator Of Doom And Despair
Wraith Productions
21 December 2012  
Though the Mayans failed in their end-time predictions and apocalyptic prophecies, PTAHIL marches on in their quest for mass suffering and world demise with the infernal fruits of The Almighty Propagator Of Doom And Despair.  
The seven-track follow-up to last year’s For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory-- which Cvlt Nation commended for its conjuring of “nine songs that will sting you like the lash of the whip of your underworld master” -- is a ritual casting to the forces of death, revolution and liberty, in acknowledgement of the continual entrapment of free essence into the chains of life through the force of the phallus.
The Almighty Propagator Of Doom And Despair is available through Wraith Productions now. Order your copy HERE.
Quelle: Earsplitt Promotion

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