Elder's Rasp
1 February 2013  
Sworn to come back harder and more hateful than ever in 2013, and already proving it, Huntington, Long Island grindcore faction BUCKSHOT FACELIFT have delivered their latest auditory assault on the scum of the Earth with their self-released Elder’s Rasp LP.  
Since 2004 these henchmen have infiltrated the underground with an abortive and explosive death/grind//hardcore hybrid, ripping through D.I.Y. venues throughout the Long Island and NYC region. Following a demo in 2005 demo, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT -- vocalist William Smith (Artificial Brain, ex-Biolich), guitarist Dan Baranello, bassist Tom Anderer (Thirsty) and drummer Sal Gregory (Grey Skies Fallen) -- released their debut LPUniversal Goat Tilt with local label Burn it Down/Rebuild Records. The label subsequently folded, so in 2009 the band went back to their D.I.Y. basics and self-released their follow-up LP Anchors of the Armless Gods on limited, etched vinyl.
In 2012, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT hit the studio to create their third album, in the process revamping the longtime lineup and replacing guitarist Dan Baranello with Paulo Paguntalan of NYC death/gore outfit Copremesis. The results of these torturous, booze-soaked sessions would see the band diversifying their range with more discordant metallic hardcore/doom-influenced riffage, culminating their most putrid output yet, as the sixteen-track Elder's Rasp. Directly after recording, Paulo left to pursue other projects, the band then doubling their axe attack and inducting Rick Habeeb (Grey Skies Fallen) and Terrel Granum.
Elder’s Raspis out now directly through BUCKSHOT FACELIFT, produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Keith Moore at Audio Playground in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. The band pressed this beast on 11” vinyl in a vast array of color/splatter schemes, all hand-numbered, limited to 300 copies, as well as digital download.

Quelle: Earsplitt Promotion

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