Junkstars klara för Rockstad: Falun

If you like the Rolling Stones, the Ramones and the Beatles but are young in the ever so hysterical 21st century you will love Junkstars, a Swedish punk/rock band with loads of attitude, energy and joy to play!

With influences from the 70’s, Junkstars formed in April, 2012. Band members Max, Staven, Matte and Bronxen have laid down sweat and tears, kicked out their girlfriends and quit their jobs to spend as much time as possible rehearsing and now you can clearly see and hear the result.

Junkstars released their debut album in October 2012. The masterpiece goes under the name ”With a Twist of Lemon” (Despotz Records) and is produced by Tomas Skogsberg, the mastermind behind what we today refer to as ”the Stockholm sound”. Skogsberg has taken direct part in the success of respectful acts such as the Hellacopters, Entombed and Dismember to mention a few. ”With a Twist of Lemon” has gained a lot of attention already, not least the single ”Rock Bottom” which has been on high rotation for several months on Sweden’s nr.1 rock radio station Bandit Rock.

Before April 2012 the band was called Rocknroll Allstars. As the members wanted to steer their music into a new direction and Gene Simmons from Kiss had a band on the side with the same name, the band decided to lay down Rocknroll Allstars and form Junkstars in April 2012.

Meanwhile, a TV-production company began following their every move documenting the life of this up-and- coming, struggling band. The end result are the highly popular eight episodes of the TV-series ”Junkstars Lifestyle”. The massive interest for Junkstars will be followed up by intensive touring throughout the year.

The band has shared stages with Sparzanza among others in 2012 and many who have had the opportunity to see Junkstars live say it is the best that’s happened within the punk/rock ‘n’ roll scene in a long time. Finally a band that likes combining good riffing with punk!  
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