Mythical and Magical (PAGAN ALTAR)

Ein weiterer Re-Release aus dem PAGAN ALTAR Lager. Dieses Album ist von 2006 und wir marschieren in großen Schritten auf das brandneue Album zu. Hier jedoch zunächst dieses:

01.03. PAGAN ALTAR - "Mythical and Magical" (CDSM/Soulfood)  

From the wizard's bag of Cruz Del Sur's magic tricks here comes the re-issue of the long awaited youngest Pagan Altar album to date: “Mythical & Magical”.
Re-awakening in 1998 with the official release of the early material that eventually came to the name of “Volume 1”, after 2 decades of artistical sleep, the growing fan base from all over the world witnessed Lords of Hypocrisy in 2004. Yet, in 2006 a new piece of Doom from its finest pioneers comes out of the dark in all its majestic splendour and we are very pleased to deliver it to you all once and for all.
Mythical & Magical, highly welcomed and praised from the public at its first appearance, contains songs that never saw the light in the first incarnation of the band, material written between 1978 and 1983, then re-recorded in 2005/2006 at the band's own Oracle Studios. With their music Brockley's hard-knock fellowship takes you to “lonely shores” to hear the Cry of the Banshee or in the presence of the Sorcerer and the Crowman, to witness the Flight of the Witch Queen and at the sacred night of Samhein, the night of the dead. Without any doubt a journey of both gentle and heavy traits that won't fail to leave signs in the listener.
Quelle: cmm consulting for music and media

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