OSADA VIDA - rave reviews of "Particles" album still coming!

Osada Vida’s most recent album gets great reviews around the world. “Particles” is their first release after the line-up change in 2012, when Marek Majewski (ex-Acute Mind) joined the band as their new vocalist. New album includes 9 new tracks plus a brilliant cover of Metallica's track "Master of Puppets". One of the tracks include a guest vocal appearance by Sivy known from the Polish metal band Tuff Enuff.
The journalist of Progressor.net comments the album:
“It's been intriguing to follow the career of this Polish band over the last few years, and how they now appear to truly establish themselves as an entity in their own right as well, up to and including being signed for the US festival ROSfest in 2011. Two years have gone by since that event, and four years since their last studio effort, and interest is believed to be high for this Polish band that often has been described as a band comparable to fellow Poles Riverside. What "Particles" the album reveals is a band that has managed to combine accessible features and compositions with playful performances and a fair share of intricate and quirky details to boot, a CD likely to make good headway into a more mainstream-oriented market segment without loosing track of the ideals of the progressive rock universe if you like.”
You can read the review in THIS location.
Another great review is from Ytsejam.com:
“It’s blasphemy in the prog world to criticize a musician or a band for being too technical; but what good are your chops if you can’t capture the heart/ear of someone outside of the progressive rock genre; not to mention that if you are a recoding engineer and producer by necessity, you shouldn’t even be behind the board. As many bands attempt to plant their flag in the world of melodic progressive rock, so few have been able to favor a much more hook laden enterprise to put all of that arrogance aside for a moment. A four piece band from Poland, Osada Vida have set out to create something unique, something of a solid collective of songs that gives this quartet’s musicianship breathing room.
Overall it’s a tight record, a real ‘band vibe’ going on without sounding like it was tracked in several bedrooms, where the internet would have become an additional member. In the end, Osada Vida are one of the few prog bands that can break all the musical rules without everyone having to obsess about it.”
Full review is HERE.
You can still listen to the first two tracks promoting the album. “Those Days” is available on Metal Mind Productions’ channel on YouTube in THIS location, while “Mighty World” on Metal Mind Productions’ profile on Soundcloud HERE.
Osada Vida is one of the most interesting Polish bands on the prog-rock scene. Their discography includes three demos and three well received official releases - “Three Seats Behind a Triangle” (2006/2007), “The Body Parts Party” (2008), “Uninvited Dreams” (2009). Their albums feature elaborately beautiful music in the vein of Yes, Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation and Riverside. In early July, Osada Vida released their first live DVD entitled “Where The Devils Live” featuring the recording of their live appearance at the Wyspianski Theater in Katowice, Poland in Autumn 2011. The band recently debuted in a new improved line-up - they have added a new vocalist Marek Majewski, previously known from the band Acute Mind. Osada Vida is also recognized worldwide - they played at the famous US' ROSfest 2011 and at the beginning of October 2012 they were a part of Israeli ProgStage festival where they performed next to Andromeda, The Flower Kings or Orphaned Land.

Osada Vida - Particles

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0718 DG
Barcode: 5907785037847
Format: CD DG
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Release date: 25.03.2013 Europe / 09.04.2013 USA


01. Hard-Boiled Wonderland
02. Stronger
03. Fear
04. Those Days
05. Shut
06. David's Wasp
07. Different Worlds
08. Until You're Gone
09. Mighty World
Bonus track:
10. Master Of Puppets

Line Up:

Marek Majewski – vocal
Łukasz Lisiak – bass
Rafał Paluszek – keyboards
Bartek Bereska – guitars
Adam Podzimski – drums

Osada Vida online:

Quelle: Metal Mind Productions - Promo/PR

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