Alghazanth VÖ: 11.10.2013

Two new releases from Alghazanth (Fin.)
Woodcut Records will release Alghazanth's 7th full-length offering, entitled
The Three-faced Pilgrim, on vinyl and as a digipak CD on the 13th of December.
The album consists of 46 minutes of the band's more or less familiar brand of
majestic black metal.  
Before the full-length hits the stores, there will be an EP release as well.
AdraMelekTaus EP will be unleashed upon the masses on the 11th of October
and it contains one album track and two exclusive bonus tracks which will not be
released anywhere else. This CD EP is limited to 500 copies

Song list:
1. AdraMelekTaus
2. Lilium Letiferum
3. Words Envenomed
A sample song can be listened to on SoundCloud page behind the following link:
ALGHAZANTH – AdraMelekTaus mCD
Format: mCD
Code: CUT065
Barcode: 6419959686540
Record label: Woodcut Records
Release date: 11.10.2013
Genre: majestic black metal

Quelle: Inverse Records

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