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FLOWERLAND - "The Caffeine Disk EP" to be released on October 18th, 2013!

FLOWERLAND – “The Caffeine Disk EP”. This product by one of the US finest Indie Rock bands from the East Coast is set for release all over Europe on gypsygarden records on October 18th. The distributors will be CDBaby and iTunes.

A video clip for the song “Crazy Horse” already is available at Youtube at this link: http://youtu.be/Wk2TOtmGdiM

Flowerland – The Caffeine Disk EP
Label: gypsygarden records
Release date: Oct 18th

Flowerland formed in New Haven, CT in November 1991, shortly after the original four members (who hadn’t yet met) attended a Nirvana show at the underground rock club The Moon.  Flowerland quickly became one of the premiere bands in the East Coast Indie Music Scene. A cross between Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden, Flowerland released 3 cassette EP’s and one 7" on Caffeine Disk Records and went on to self-release 4 CDs which were supported with national college radio play, touring, reviews from all over the world and the DIY ethic.

Flowerland’s back catalogue is being reissued by gypsygarden records featuring “The Caffeine Disk EP” - 6 classic Flowerland songs which were recorded in 1992/1993: "Crazy Horse", "glass i", "(Jim Brown's) Military Country", "Low", "Kill Alice (Slowly) and "Flow" – re-mixed by Indie Rock producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) and mastered by Alan Douches (Bad Brains, Clutch).

Flowerland is scheduled to re-mix 9 songs with John Angello for a full length release in 2014.

Here come some quotes from the press:
• “Buzzsaw guitars, strong vocals and clean production take these tunes over the top. Seek and find.” Magnet Magazine, Philadelphia
• “70’s psychedelia fused with hardcore. It seems like a strange mix but Flowerland pull it off with intensity. This is definitely original. Try something new.” Scorpion Magazine, Washington D.C.
•“The EP is easy to listen to, almost half an hour of genuine hard rock.” Toonari, Italy
•“Flowerland sound straight outta Sub Pop, but it’s not all strictly about the 90s. A jettison of blues rock tones and splices of Led Zeppelin between the scenes of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam make for grooves bordering on the psychedelic.”  Copasetix, London

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