RABBITS: Noisey Fires Up Filthified Bikini Kill Cover From SOS

As tinnitus troupe, RABBITS, reel back to punch the public in the nuts with their SOS (Shit, Other Singles) compilation in less than three weeks, Noisey pimps out one of the gnarly punk/hardcore classics these Portlandian provokers utterly molest on the release. Among a rash of original tracks, a bundle of bashed-in and cranked-way-up jackhammerings of tracks from Cro-Mags, Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Minor Threat and others infiltrate the mix, including the RABBITS's revamped retroizing of Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" anthem, raging with guest vocals from the pack's femme-fatal cohort Jonnie Monroe, of Fist Fite, Underlords Take Acid and other badassery.

Brandish your riot fists and get your RABBITS-romp on with "Rebel Girl" at Noisey/Vice RIGHT HERE.

The RABBITS-run outsider collective Eolian Empire will deposit SOS (Singles, Other Shit) December 3rd via digital download and cassette stateside, with Czech label Stoned to Death depositing the droppings on European turf. SOS (Singles, Other Shit) is a disturbing and dissonant distress signal from the underground assembled from LP session bonus tracks, 7-inch tracks, unreleased demos, radio performances, alternate versions, and practice space jams recorded from 2006 to 2013. With few overdubs and mostly single live takes, these tracks capture RABBITS doing what they do best: cranking out bludgeoning full-throttle hardcore noise rock until your ears are ringing and you see stars; pummeling drums, gnarled guitars, maniacal vocals, and deranged solos. The A-side comprises six original songs of serious mayhem and downright fuckery, while the B-side collects nine covers of their favorite '80s punk and hardcore songs, mistreated as if their own...

For perusals of the rotten cabbage-throwing worthy SOS (Singles, Other Shit, as well as interrogations and insult-trading sessions with RABBITS, wave your carrot at an Earsplit fuckerherder

RABBITS Liveshits:
1/11/2014 Slabtown - Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist
2/01/2014 Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR w/ Graves at Sea, Norska, Drunk Dad

Quelle: Earsplit PR

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