CROSSFAITH "Apocalyze" - 24. Januar

CROSSFAITH "Apocalyze" erscheint am 24. Januar über Sony Music - hierbei handelt es sich um eine japanische Trancecore Band - sehr spannend anzuhören!

Am kommenden Freitag erscheint das Debutalbum "Apocalyze" von CROSSFAITH via Sony Music.

CROSSFAITH kommen aus Japan und machen - hm, Wikipedia sagt Trancecore, aha.

Ziemlich abgefahrenes und interessantes Zeug auf jeden Fall, metalcore-ig / elektronisch
Einen ersten Eindruck gibt es hier:

Much like The Prodigy and Slipknot for the generations before them, it is genuinely not an exaggeration to say that Crossfaith have already began garnering a reputation as the world’s must see live act. Got your attention? Good. This is not a drill and this is not hyperbole. This is the real thing; a once in a generation experience that has already got all continents of the globe picking their jaws up from the floors, no matter what their musical genre of preference might be. The energy is infectious, the excitement is undeniable and the visual power the band bring to the stage night in, night out doesn’t require fancy lights or dragons jumping out of the PA to get your blood pumping like a porn star on heat.
Having spent the past few years in their hometown of Osaka, Japan honing their craft into a neon explosion that fuses the fist-pumping euphoria of hard-hitting dance with the rabid intensity of punk rock and metal, the task at hand has been channelling this once-in-a-generation live experience into a once-in-a-lifetime album. Enter ‘APOCALYZE’; the kind of album that reignites your faith in originality in the worlds of dance and rock and puts that extra yard of pace into your step every time it blasts through your headphones.
For a band that has already shown a whole host of musical dexterity and eclecticism on their EP, there are a hell of a lot of firsts for Crossfaith on their debut album. While the likes of ‘Hounds Of The Apocalypse’ and the phenomenal ‘Eclipse’ see the Japanese mavericks reaching new heights within the perimeters of their established sound, there are moments that push the boundaries of what the band can do further than ever before. Every track cracks with a livewire energy that’s so rare to find in today’s music scene. ‘Countdown To Hell’ brings a new dimension of metallic riffing to the fold whilst on ‘Scarlett’ a female vocal from Bianca Roman takes Crossfaith’s euphoric dance flavours beyond the stars and into a different stratosphere altogether.
You had better believe that ‘APOCALYZE’ is just the beginning for Crossfaith. With a sound that grabs you by the lapels and demands that you move, this feels like the start of a revolution. In the years to come, there may be a million bands that sound like Crossfaith. Just remember that it all started with ‘APOCALYZE’.

Quelle: Carrycoal PR

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