DE LA TIERRA "De La Tierra" - seit 17. Januar

DE LA TIERRA "De La Tierra" erschien bereits am vergangenen Freitag via Roadrunner Records / Warner.
Es handelt sich hierbei um die neue Band von Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), die sich musikalisch den südamerikanischen Wurzeln der Bandmitglieder widmet.
Am 17. Januar erschien das Debutalbum "De La Tierra" von DE LA TIERRA - die neue Band um Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) via Roadrunner Records / Warner und bringt metallisches südamerikanisches Flair in den nicht vorhanden deutschen Winter.

Andreas Kisser + Alex González + Sr. Flavio + Andrés Giménez

De La Tierra, the joining of 4 friends who respect and love music and elevate the roots of the Latin American continent where they were born

“De La Tierra is just starting out, we don’t have a history yet, the possibilities of doing great things are huge, but even though our names are well-known, we are still small”, says Andreas Kisser. With a simple gesture, the guitar player and leader of the Brazilian band Sepultura, one of the most renowned groups of Latin America, takes the wind out of the sails of the imminent release of the first regional metal band’s record. He shares this journey with Andrés Giménez, former leader of A.N.I.M.A.L., Sr. Flavio, bass player of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and Alex González, drummer of Maná.

“Get ready: this is going to be explosive, we have seen ourselves in action during rehearsals, and the communication, the flow, has been unbelievable from the first day on.  We haven’t stopped wondering what it would be like to see the four of us perform live”, states Alex without hiding his excitement.

Andrés agrees, “The main thing is what happens on stage. I am truly very happy, very excited, I think the most important thing is that we’re having a lot of fun together at all times, we get along very well, and if that shows, I have no doubt in my mind that everything will become an explosive complement with no boundaries.”

Flavio adds, along the same lines: “What is important is what it is: a band of experienced musicians, with long track records and different nuances who have become connected and recorded a very rich album that flows from the heart.” Said record is entitled De La Tierra, just like the band’s name, and released by Warner Music & Roadrunner Records.

As of September 30, the group’s first single, “Maldita historia”, has become available. Andres tells us that the story it refers to “talks about the experiences of somebody who wants to live his dream and comes across those obstacles always found in life… We live in a world plagued by corruption, lies, lack of opportunities, inequality; that is the maldita historia (damned history). But it offers a positive outlook: if one sets his mind to it, it can be reversed. We decided to be together, and here we are; it’s up to us to either give up the struggle or continue until we reach our desired goal.”  

Those who have seen how fiercely and intensely both Alex and Flavio play their instruments, those who are familiar with Andreas’ trademark guitar and the multiple colors of Andres’ voice, can just anticipate what will take place on stages throughout the continent starting in March 2014 when they will kick off their tour.

That will be the time when they finally make their dream come true, a dream that was born many years ago during backstage conversations between Maná and A.N.I.M.A.L. when Andrés and Alex would talk about their passion for heavy bands. Until they finally decided to play together.  

Maná’s last visit to Argentina in 2011, rekindled the plan. “We can get together and play whenever you want”, Andrés had said a few years ago. “Here I am. Are we playing?” was Alex’s response in Buenos Aires. The next day, during dinner with Flavio, Andres’ friend whom both admired, while thinking about the best line-up, Andres said “a power trio is great; but if we were four, with two guitars, it would be much better.”

Andres suggested Andreas Kisser, and neither Flavio nor Alex hesitated at all. Alex said “Andreas is my buddy”, ever since Sepultura’s guitar player had been invited by Maná  to play on their hit song “Corazón espinado” at Rock in Río. When Alex called him, Andreas was about to take the stage in Italy.

“Call me in a couple of hours and tell me all about it”, was the Brazilian musician’s response. Alex preferred to send him an email with copies to everyone, telling him about the project which would neither override nor clash with anyone’s scheduled activities. It was meant to be a getting-together to play for fun.  Andreas’ response came immediately: “I am the band’s guitar player!”

That band didn’t have a name yet. Everybody had some ideas, but it was Andreas who hit the nail on the head. This is how Andres tells it: “We all mentioned a couple of names, and Andreas came up with this one. In three words, he stated the meaning of who we are as individuals, as friends, brothers, musicians, as a band. We are De La Tierra (From the Earth), from Latin America; it is unbelievable how much it symbolizes.”

Flavio agrees, “De La Tierra is powerful, graphic, it represents us as inhabitants of this continent.” Alex admits that “the concept of Latin American brotherhood may sound romantic, but we feel it’s important, unity is strength, and it’s a positive name.”

Kisser’s intentions were twofold. On one hand, to play with a name that would give them freedom, that wouldn’t tie the band to a certain genre or style, and on the other, to show that it is possible to merge Brazil’s music with that of other countries, something that has always seemed so difficult. “We share the same continent, but our cultural connection is very poor. I think that De La Tierra could be a group that brings cultures together beyond language and could give us an idea of identity.”

Alex says he feels “like a 15-year-old who is just starting out.” Flavio and Andrés want to go on stage right now. Maná doesn’t have any recording dates scheduled until later next year, which is why the beginning of 2014 will see these four musicians rehearsing again in Buenos Aires, just as they did during 10 furious days a few months ago, during which sessions the groundwork for the record’s 11 tracks was laid.  

Bass guitar and drums, as well as the mix, were recorded in Buenos Aires; vocals at Andres’ studio and guitars in Sao Paulo where Andreas and Andrés shared all the tasks. All recording and mixing was done by Stanley Soares, Sepultura’s recording engineer; the master was created later in Los Angeles, together with Tom Baker. The record was produced by DLT’s members themselves.

The outcome makes them happy, they are anxious to show their work, trying not to go crazy. “We aren’t here to deceive anybody, we’re here to make music and celebrate our love of metal”, announces Andreas.

“If you are biased, you’re not going to access it. If you have an open mind, you are. It will be for whoever it shall be. The most important thing is that for us, it already is”, states Flavio.

Andrés comments that the De La Tierra album moves him. “There are no samplers, there is nothing that isn’t human; this band considers technology as just another weapon that allows us to show what we wanted to do: to recover the analog aspect of a human being.”  

Alex summarizes this passion, putting it into words: “On DLT, there are some moments when you feel the world is coming to an end and others when the sky seems to open up, letting the light shine. It is metal that is fast, powerful, explosive, with lots of adrenaline. You have darkness and light. There is melody and also a lot of punch.”

Quelle: Carrycoal PR

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