KILL THE KONG kündigen kleine Tour an

Swedish metallers KILL THE KONG will be setting off on a headlining mini EU tour in September 2018 accompanied by melo-death outfit KILLING GANDHI and Serbian thrashers QUASARBORN


Hailing from the harsh lands of Sweden, Kill the Kong is a seven-man strong metal/hardcore outfit formed in 2015. Built on percussion-based grooves, aggression and "in your face" live shows, the band quickly got recognized as a force to be reckoned with when releasing their first single 'Caged' during summer 2015.

Later on, following the release of their self-titled debut album, the band continued to play several shows and gain new fans in and around Sweden and Europe. During the summer of 2017, Kill the Kong once again entered the studio to record their follow-up album, 'COLOSSUS'. The first single 'Juggernaut (Wolfpack)', was released in June 2017, followed by 'Snake Eyes' and 'The Antagonist', released in August and October. 'COLOSSUS' dropped worldwide on November 24th through GAIN / Sony Music. The band are now ready to take the album on tour and take European audiences by storm.

KILL THE KONG - The Antagonist (Official Video)

KILLING GANDHI mesmerised melodic death metal fans all over Europe with their debut album “Cinematic Parallels” which was released in 2015 through Norwegian metal label Crime Records. The album earned rave reviews, and the band was voted “Metal Act of the Year” at the 2015 “Bands of Tomorrow” awards show in Copenhagen – an event focusing on upcoming bands expected to make an impact on the Danish and international music scene.

In early 2016, Killing Gandhi laid down some guide tracks for their second album, “Aspirations Of Failure” with the final recording, mixing and mastering of the album completed in early 2017. Again the band chose to use the leading Danish rock and metal producer Jacob Hansen behind the mixing desk, who has worked with acts like Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Týr and many others. With Jacob Hansen at the helm, Killing Gandhi has added a new dimension to their music, achieving the perfect Melo-death sound the band was aiming for.

With this new album, Killing Gandhi is ready to take a step up, win new fans and make an even bigger statement on the international metal scene.

KILLING GANDHI - Dark Hours (Official Video)

After a series of lineup and name changes, QUASARBORN were formed in 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. The basis of the band's musical roots are firmly rooted in the late 80s thrash metal style, while incorporating influences up out of numerous genres (such as death, black and heavy metal, classic and progressive rock, and even some jazz and ethnic music). Besides the music itself, what QUASARBORN really takes a lot of pride in, is the fact that that they are a DIY band. Namely, their music is recorded and mixed by frontman and guitarist Luka, while drummer Tihi is the one responsible for all the visual material for the band.

Their new album 'The Odyssey to Room 101' was released in May 2018 and has heavily attracted the attention of metal fans in and around Serbia and Europe. The band are now ready to show what they are made of on their upcoming tour!

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