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REACH - Frühjahrs-Soundtrack

Over the past year, Reach has committed to hand-picking their team to perfection, now consisting of their manager Eric Grönwall (Hagenburg), the Stockholm based boutique label Icons Creating Evil Art, Chris LeMon (Triffid And Danger) on live booking in the Scandinavian countries and Jörg Düsedau (Dragon Productions) in the rest of Europe.

With a detailed album plan they join forces for a new start and a comprehensive international plan for the band. Two singles will be released before the European tour and the summer, then the new album will drop early autumn.

With the new single 'Higher Ground', Reach leads their listeners into an era of explosive intimacy with songs wrapped in a veil of mystery and playfulness telling stories about love, death and emotion in severe conflict with each other. Resignation, fear and desperation are grounded against hopefulness and greed until the friction sparks and the world the band have created around them and their listeners is glowing.

Speaking of writing Higher Ground, the band's singer Ludvig Turner explains: ”Most of the lyrics have a sinister tone to them. There is something very satisfying in writing about someone going insane and then add a soothing soundtrack to it. With Higher Ground I really liked that soundtrack. We always want to do something different when we’re recording our songs. "

The alternative rock band Reach was founded in 2012 and is a power trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma´Aoui. During their eight years as a band, they have released albums praised by critics and met audiences from stages around Europe. Reach is defined by strong melodies and original songwriting - they are keen to constantly be under development and chasing a sound that is exciting and unique. Reach is also and foremost defined by its members and therefore the band while keeping Ludvig and Marcus as its core has undergone musical changes every time members have joined or left the group.

The band members playfulness and mutual trust gives the trio freedom to offer explosive, intimate live shows with a lot of free improvisation. Reach recently gave a sold out show at the Fryshuset, Stockholm with rock bands H.E.A.T and Chrashdïet followed by a performance at Trädgårn, Gothenburg. In May, they embark on an extensive European tour together with H.E.A.T and out on the roads they bring an explosive repertoire full of new songs. 'Higher Ground' is the first of two singles that will be released before the European tour and the summer kicks in. Then the new album will drop early autumn.

20.03. REACH – "Higher Ground" (Icons Creating Evil Art) – digital Single, überall erhältlich.

REACH (vielleicht....)
als Support von H.E.A.T European tour
May 12 - CH - Pratteln, Z7
May 20 - DE - Bochum, Rockpalast
May 21 - DE - Hamburg, Knust
May 25 - DE - Munich, Backstage
May 26 - DE - Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reachofficialsweden/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reachband/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4PAH2hYK4vEvxLEwCg9zQ2

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