SPACE OF VARIATIONS streamen Online Show

Ukrainian powerhouse SPACE OF VARIATIONS announced their own online gig on Saturday July 4, at 8:00pm Kyiv time/7:00pm CET. The band is going to play the main songs from the MIND DARKNET album and from the latest EP XXXXX.

During the stream, the guys will answer the questions from the audience. Also the musicians are going to create a custom t-shirt online in collaboration with their fans, which they will give away at the end of the performance. Any person from any part of the world can join the show and check them out. Don't miss it!

Tune in via the band's official YouTube Channel

Commented the band: "Since March, we’ve literally been sitting on our asses waiting for the world to correct itself and it looks like we have to wait longer ... so we decided to do a live show stream to get that „tour“ feeling back again. We can‘t tell you how excited we are to do this! We‘ve put together a slammer of a setlist together of new and older material and will raffle off a one of kind T-Shirt design as well! Tune in!!"

SPACE OF VARIATIONS explores vast sonic landscapes and emotions, captivating each listener with all-encompassing and everchanging moods - musically as well as lyrically - whether they be brutal and uncompromising or emotive and comforting, Their recent EP, XXXXX, out now, as well as the live video to “Slowmo”, only confirm the group’s position in the modern metal scene, convincingly framing the level of texts with technical instrumentals and skillfully incorporated electronic details.

Watch the latest videos here...
"Razorblade" live video
"Perfect Enemy" live video
"Slowmo" lyric video
"Razorblade" music video

Dima Kozhuhar - Vocals
Alex Zatserkovny - Guitar/vocals
Anton Kasatkin - Bass
Tima Kasatkin - Drums



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