Red County Jail veröffentlichen Single "Never Look Back"

The German Modern Vintage Rock band Red County Jail release single Never Look Back. An ode to new beginnings, Never Look Back takes a poetic look at conformity. Nobody dares to take the dive, everything is regulated and leaves little room for freedom.

Never Look Back with its key line „go, find your song“ shows why it’s worth veering off the beaten path and „doing your own thing“ - to develop your own identity. Copy and paste is boring as hell! Their new album will be out in 2021 via Bug Valley Records.

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Steve Joachim - Vocals
Lukas Bierbrauer - Bass & Vocals
Sebastian Feige - Guitar
Alex Mergenthal – Guitar
Christian Antwerpen - Drums

Modern Vintage Rock. A statement. The band – Red County Jail from Germany. In changing times, a more global and digital music industry, honest attitudes like those of the 5 guys from Germany are a true blessing. Nothing is fake. The musical might jumping out on record is even more impressive live. They’re a tasty treat for friends of powerful handmade music.

The band, centered around Steve Joachim, who previously fronted the group BLIND, grapple with everyday issues in a fresh way – adding in a healthy dose of the good old „school of rock“! Red County Jail have burst onto the big scene by playing at festivals such as Reload and Rocco del Schlacko. After dedicating 2020 to writing new material, the band is now looking forward to releasing their new album in 2021, under the Bug Valley Records label. An exciting band in crazy times!

Quelle: Black-Roos Entertainment

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