MIKE TRAMP - "Stand Your Ground" erstmals auf Vinyl

Coming from a “new” band experience with “Rock ’N’ Roll Circus” (released in 2009), MIKE TRAMP, the infamous vocalist for acts such as White Lion and Freak Of Nature, decided to repeat the formula in 2011 with his following record.

“Stand Your Ground” was, thus, released under the moniker “Mike Tramp and The Rock ’N Roll Circus”.
It was a plain rock album with the distinct Tramp songwriting. A collection of songs with memorable choruses, rock-solid composition, and the in-depth lyrical messages that are Mike Tramp’s staple. In his Rock ’N’ Roll Circus shone the star Soren Andersen, a guitar player who now serves his time in the Glenn Hughes band, as well as being a constant collaborator and producer of Tramp’s solo works. And, indeed, “Stand Your Ground” was recorded at Medley Studios, with Andersen at the helm as producer.
Now, for the first time EVER, “Stand Your Ground” will get a vinyl re-release. It will get reissued in double LP, in two colour variants (each limited to 300 copies) and with sound remastered at Angioni Studios by Marco Angioni.
“It is always the true test, how good something is when you revisit it many years later”, Mike Tramp states. “Would you change anything, should you have done it different or is it still as good and right as you remember. And yes, the fact is, it is that good. “Stand Your Ground”, is a great kickass rock album, and the bands performance is world-class. I am truly proud of this album”, he concludes.
“Stand Your Ground" will be re-released by Mighty Music/Target Records on double LP (splatter magenta/black and splatter crystal black/blue variants available, each limited to 500) and digital formats on July 15th, 2022. Pre-orders up now at this link.

Mike Tramp: vocals, guitar
Soren Andersen: guitar, keyboards
Claus Langeskov: Fender P-bass Morten
Hellborn: drums & percussion
Emily Garriock Langeskov: harmonies

A1. Don’t Let Them Put It On You
A2. Alright By Me
A3. Distance
B1. Gotta Get Away
B2. Straight From The Look In My Eyes
B3. Got Me crazy
C1. Wish You Well
C2. The World Is Changing
C3. The Prettiest Girl
D1. The Soldier Never Started A War
D2. Say What You Will
D3. Hymn To Ronnie



Quelle: Mighty Music

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