5. Album der Death Metaller ABSENTATION veröffentlicht

Fifth full length album from Death Metal act ABSENTATION is out now! Reflections is a fifth full length album from Absentation buy the (digital album ) at Bandcamp: https://absentation.bandcamp.com/

Track List: (Reflections) 1-Reflections 00:00 2-Betrayal 04:32 3-Deprivation 08:57 4-Abandonity 13:35 5-Lucid Eyes 19:21 6-66 Multidimensional 23:21 7-Uneart

ABSENTATION-Reflections (Official Stream Album) Death Metal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sns900Q2Yys

Syria (early) - Germany (later)


ABSENTATION was formed in 2003 in Damascus/Syria and released their debut EP, Death Chapter in 2005. The band entered the studio in 2007 and released their first full length, Mental Battle Resurrection, via ADP Records. In 2008 ABSENTATION prepared to record a follow up full length, but only released two singles as Syria was torn apart by war (The black rite & La Pacta Daemonum) the black rite song got Killer lyrics in Noisecreep. After a long time suffering from the war, Salah relocated to Germany and decided to continue making music. He entered the studio to record a new full length Titled (Ascending to Desolate) the album finished and released in February 2018, it was a pure old school death metal.

Then ABSENTATION wrote a new album (the Intellectual Darkness) and released in January 2019 via Darzamadicus records, the album gained good reviews and end up on one of best 15 death metal albums in 2019 on one of lists, then Salah decided to shift the music into more complexity and to use 7 string for the next album, he wrote (Antimatter Rites) which released in 1st March 2020 via Darzamadicus records. The album is technical brutal death metal and gained until now good reviews like 9/10 on metal temple reviews and others.

In 2022 Salah collaborated with the Drummer Marco Pitruzzella aka (Lord Marco) the drummer of (Rings of Saturn-Six Feet Under-Sleep Terror) to release the upcoming album Reflections on 9-9-2022

Facebook: /absentation

Bandcamp: absentation.bandcamp.com

Youtube: youtube.com/Absentationband

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3wJyQJdDXJpA15qP2s7VKG

Quelle: Angels PR

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