Lucifer Star Machine launchen finale Albumsingle + Video

"Satanic Age" is the title track and final single from Lucifer Star Machine’s upcoming fifth studio album.

An explosive cut with palpable energy and fired-up melodies, the single is out now on all streaming platforms together with a music video. Watch the video here:

Lucifer Star Machine comments:
"Contrary to popular belief, the philosophy of modern Satanism has always been about expressing and being the best version of yourself. It has been promoting sexual freedom, individualism and hedonism, opposing the hypocrisy of the church. Believe in yourself and if you wanna be a sinner, be the best sinner on the block.. It’s time to enter the Satanic Age."

Lucifer Star Machine’s album "Satanic Age" will be released on the 14th of April by The Sign Records. The album will be available on vinyl (1000pcs black, 500pcs red transparent w/black splatter+solid white splatter, 500pcs half/half solid black+solid gold), CD (Digipack, 1000pcs) and all digital platforms. The album is avilable for pre-order via BANDCAMP or at THIS LOCATION

Lucifer Star Machine are:
Tor Abyss (Throat)
Mickey Necro (Guitars)
Mighty Ramon (Guitars) ex-Mad Sin, ex-Demented Scumcats
Benny Zin (Bass) ex-Frantic Flintstones
Captain Fettsau (Drums) ex-Teenage Love Guns

For more info visit:

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