Loudguns released their debut music video. The Finnish sixguns just released a new video from their upcoming second album called "Sunset Runaway." The video can be watched HERE: Loudguns - Loud 'n' proud (Official video)

The video was shot and produced in the bands hometown Tampere, Finland by the local powerduo Oona Järvinen & Risto Närepalo, who are very known for their passion towards rock music and making of videos.

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About Loudguns.
Loudguns is an independent Hard Rock/AOR band from Finland, formed in 2009. Their first album Broken Highway (2011) gained a lot of attention by selling out in over 40 countries and making it to the magazines and radios.
"This Finnish six-piece just ooze potential" - Rob Evans (Classic Rock & Powerplay magazines UK)
"I can't imagine a drive without their music" - Mamoru Sonoda (Hitman Records JAPAN.)
"Giving the old fans of the decade what they really want, Loudguns caught me by surprise" – Stephen Kasenda (Metal Music Archives INDONESIA.)

The band consists of six highly talented musicians:
Lassi Vääränen – Vocals.
Sami Pilve – Guitars.
Heikki Kokko – Guitars.
Markus Sirén – Bass.
Jussi Kallava – Drums.
Akseli Kaasalainen – Keyboards.
Quelle: Loudguns News

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