Mythical and Magical (PAGAN ALTAR)

Ein weiterer Re-Release aus dem PAGAN ALTAR Lager. Dieses Album ist von 2006 und wir marschieren in großen Schritten auf das brandneue Album zu. Hier jedoch zunächst dieses:

01.03. PAGAN ALTAR - "Mythical and Magical" (CDSM/Soulfood)  

From the wizard's bag of Cruz Del Sur's magic tricks here comes the re-issue of the long awaited youngest Pagan Altar album to date: “Mythical & Magical”.



The Maya didn’t know anything, whereas Hebosagil knows when the hour comes, when it’s time for Lähtö, and their manner of exiting is big, loud, penetrating, and hard to the core. From the fallout, the radiometers are detecting remnant radiation from Slayer and Melvins, while the cockroaches may still recognise the brutal beat of Radiopuhelimet and Unsane.


SOKEA PISTE "Välikäsi"

Sokea Piste have been at it since 2008 and have previously released one 7” and one 12”, which were favorably received in the punk scene and beyond. Comparisons to a wide variety of bands on the noisier and gloomier side of punk have been thrown around to describe their sound, though as per usual all this is better taken with a grain of salt.



Baxter Stockman was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2006. The aim was to form a band making harsh and strong rock-music. Over the years this collaboration of three young men has molded itself into a tight unit. Flesh has become stringy. Baxter Stockman sounds like a band, not like three musicians who just happened to wander in the same room at the same time.


Wolf to Rockstad: Falun

Do you miss the feeling you had when you first heard "Number Of The Beast" or "British Steel"? The moment when you jumped on your bed and shredded your air guitar like a maniac? When you took your pen out of your school bag and drew your favourite band's logo on your jeans jacket? When you stood in front of the mirror and banged your head until you tumbled down?


HELLYEAH - Live 2013

Die US-Hard Rock Super Group im Juni live in Deutschland! Konzerte in Nürnberg und Aschaffenburg bestätigt! Tickets ab 15. März erhältlich!

Die Liste der ehemaligen Bands, in denen die Musiker von HELLYEAH gespielt haben, liest sich mit Pantera, Mudvayne, Damageplan und Nothingface wahrlich eindrucksvoll und macht die US Metaller in der Tat zur Super Group ihres Genres. Im Juli 2012 haben sie ihr mit Spannung erwartetes drittes Album Band of Brothers (Eleven Seven Music) in den USA, Großbritannien und Europa veröffentlicht.


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